Nioh is a third person action game for PS4 with emphasis on melee combat and punishing difficulty. Ranged combat is provided as an option as well as spells, ninja gadgets and a plethora of other items. The story takes place in a fictional world of th century Japan where legendary and mythical monsters are commonplace. It is based on an unfinished script from a famous filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. The player assumes the role of an Englishman named William Adams, who shares similarities with a historical person of the same name. Apart from standard bandits, rogues and other low-life of Japan you get to fight mythical monsters of all shapes and sizes. There is a huge variety of Yokai in Japanese mythology and a number of them is brought to life in Nioh.

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Tweet on Twitter Whe Nioh was first unveiled with its dark samurai themes, many had immediately drawn comparisons to the Souls series, myself included. And its undeniable that Team Ninja was definitely inspired by them. However, as I played Nioh, I realized that despite having some similar mechanics, Nioh was its own beast of a game. A beast so terrifying, that it invoked some of that same dread I had when I first played a Souls game. In Nioh, you play as William, a Geralt of Rivia-looking Westerner in feudal Japan, who gets mixed up in a crazy demon invasion, all while still utilizing historical figures like Hattori Hanzo, Tokugawa Ieyasu and the like.

If you’ve played any of the Samurai Warriors games, then these names should feel right at home with you.

Team Ninja released patch for Nioh. The update is just 51 MB in size but fixes lot of bugs and makes new additions.

Complete Edition, which recently launched with support for controller only. Recently we finally got our wish when Nioh came to PC with the Complete Edition, though for many gamers it was not an ideal experience as it was missing mouse and keyboard support – something that many PC gamers find unacceptable these days. Yesterday it was revealed that later this week the developers would be patching in support for PC to allow people to use their inputs, including fully rebindable keys.

Previously the game suffered from a number of problems on PC, with controller only being a concern for many. Now it seems as though our prayers have been answered and we’ll finally be able to try the game out with proper PC support. Even though it’s still likely the best way to play would probably be with a controller anyway. The best thing is that players won’t have long to wait, as the update “1.

Though it might be released tomorrow November 29th for most of the world as the update mentions Japan time for the patch. This new patch will add in support for Mouse and Keyboard controls to Nioh, something that has been missing since the game launched a few weeks back.


I love games like this, as it challenges your senses, and teaches you how to fix your errors by learning from your past mistakes. We reviewed the game a while back, and Mr. Minnie had nothing but praise for Nioh. However, I think it time to tackle the game’s broken mechanics. An unpolished Dark Souls experience Nioh is a Japanese-skinned Dark Souls, but it often lacks the polish of a Souls game, and at times its difficulty can be a bit overwhelming.

Jan 21,  · EDIT: Mr. Wah is going to be hooking us up with a Nioh subforum. Once it’s there I’ll move this thread over and create a couple of extras (Co-op matchmaking for starters) and we’ll be moving. I think this game is going to be pretty huge, especially around here.

Oziroma predvsem tisto kar vpliva na dejansko igro je gnilo. Sploh tisto, kar lahko dobijo igralci samo ce placajo, ni pa moc odkleniti z igranjem. To kar ima Forza recimo je seveda en drek, ampak ce spilas bos imel vse. Ajde, ce hoce folk dat stotine dolarjev za kozmeticne stvari, naj. Na igro samo ne bo negativno vplivalo. Edin butast se mi zdi, da s tem kao podprejo avtorje za svoje delo na spilu. Kup spil se enkrat al pa na drugem sistemu, ce jih hoces podpret.

Kaj vec o kupcih ne bom. V Heroes of the Storm sem kupil draguljckov 2. Ter en Welcome paket 4. Niso edin povedal da je breja, tko da se redki moji heroji upajo z njo v bitko. Ampak je pa fletna in ocarljiva, ko se pojavi na zelenicah HOTasS aren. Sam med bitko je na konc itak vseen a jahajo neko sekasto kljuse z ene revne kmetije, al pa eno zlahtno zrebico z letnim pedigrejem.

Enako za oblacila in ostale bedarije.


But for this week, there’s just one big title: Nioh PS4 What is it? Absolute yes if you’re a fan of Team Ninja games think Ninja Gaiden. Definite must if you like the thought of a splash of Diablo with your Bloodborne, or you’re a huge samurai fan. The PC release of 2K’s wrestling franchise.

Nioh will finally be getting mouse support for its PC port in a new update. Coming November 30 (for Japan), Koei Tecmo will allow users to rebind keyboard controls and move the camera with the mouse.

Comments Shrines are a crucial part of progression in Nioh. Similar to the bonfires in Dark Souls, Shrines act as a save point and spawn location upon death. Shrines are also where you go to level up, receive Kodama blessings, summon a player, and manage your Jutsu skills. This guide will briefly explain how to use each of these important features so that players can fully benefit from what the Shrines have to offer. The Level Up menu features a list of Core Stats that affect your Life and Ki amounts, as well as your carry weight, skills, guardian spirit, and weapon attributes.

Secondary stats, such as skill points, skill capacities, and spirit bonds can be influenced in this menu as well.

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To play with friends or random players in Nioh, there is no invite system players can send through the PlayStation menu and they actually have to do a couple of things before they can play co-op. Players also need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to use the co-op feature. Nioh Multiplayer To unlock the ability to play co-op players must have first completed the Isle of Demons missions after which they can join random players or their friends in co-op by using a Torii Gate system.

To use this feature, players need to open the Starting Point menu from where they can either choose to enter a Yokai Realm or do Random encounters with other players. Nioh Yokai Realms This uses the sort of a matchmaking system to pair players with each other in a co-op setting. In a Yokai realm, players have to work together to beat a level which also happens to be amped up in difficulty.

For Nioh on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Question about matchmaking”.

The top 5, which are in order this time, will have their own entries. Numbers will be in their own entry some time later in this week, which will be somewhat shorter. It will take several days to get out all of the write ups on the top 5, so adding five more would be a nightmare. Not only did it give us the best collection of video games in a decade, revived genres and gave us games in venerable franchises that were the best in decades, if not ever, it was also one of the worst years in terms of how players were treated by publishers.

Not to mention scams online, more and more shovelware being heaped upon Steam, the elimination of Net Neutrality laws and lootboxes. I remember Brown v. Several games were ruined this year by lootboxes and other forms of attempted extortion by game publishers. Games had their guts ripped out, mechanics altered and, in some cases, outright destroyed in order to have lootboxes or other prize systems shoved into them for no reason.

Destiny 2, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, a game which would have managed to be offensive all on its own, but the lootboxes make it a particularly nasty stab in the eye. That said, we had some great games this year.

Level matchmaking : Nioh

The Nintendo Switch shooter has been updated to version 1. For example, the Charger weapon can now maintain a charged up shot if you swim into ink and then transform back into human form. Lots of weapons and abilities have received various damage balance buffs and nerfs—check them all out in the patch notes at the bottom of this article, via Nintendo. This Splatoon 2 update comes as part of an ongoing round of Nintendo Switch online maintenance.

The Division im Koop spielen und die Matchmaking-Optionen im Überblick The Division: Phoenix Credits verdienen und nutzen – so geht’s.

Sure, you’ll die a bit until you’ve got your timing down but you’ll start to find a combat groove several missions in. I personally went through the first set of missions times each until I was able to really figure out the AI patterns and get a sense for weapon speed, range, and stamina management. Everyone I’ve talked to has played through Nioh in a different fashion, even when using the same starting weapon you’ll have to find ways to adapt to survive and the game gives a Mt.

Fuji sized set of options. I remember writing a review for this game back in April and scrapping at least five pages of notes explaining the intricate systems of this game that lead up to powerful and fun character builds. I’ve jumped back into Nioh on my PS4 Pro for the first two thirds of the planned DLC for the game and each time I do I’ve started to wonder if my initial hour long Platinum trophy for Nioh was an experience that is no longer possible for someone starting with the most current version of the game.

Here are some basic patch notes if you want to read the actual in-depth changes:

Nioh – We Had No Idea This New Co-op Mode Existed

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