Love on the Job, CIA Style

Governments are routinely overthrown for control of their natural resources. United Fruit and BP are among those who have had governments toppled for their bottom line. Throughout history, regime change often has ulterior motives — particularly when it comes to control of natural resources. The Invasion era, during which American armed forces overthrew the governments of Afghanistan, Grenada, Iraq and Panama. One of the most infamous and drawn out instances of this resource-focused regime change began in with the government of Honduras. The Honduran government gave tax exemptions along with plots of land to foreign corporations in order to expand their mining and agriculture industries.

‘John Brennan Sworn in as CIA Director Using Constitution Lacking Bill of Rights’

Jun 2, – French President Francois Hollande, center, delivers his speech during the joint press conference ending the Paris Summit for security in Nigeria at the Elysee Palace, in Paris, May Leaders from Africa as well as officials from the United States, Britain and France meet to coordinate a response to Boko Haram, the fundamentalist group that abducted more than girls and is accused of hundreds of deaths in the past year alone. And they have literally hijacked the Islamic faith, resulting in denunciations of their merciless, violent tactics—most recently the kidnapping in mid-April of nearly teenage girls from their boarding school in northeastern Nigeria—from Muslim scholars and faith leaders, especially those in the United States.

Their gruesome attacks have killed thousands—1, in Nigeria in alone. And given that Nigeria is a major oil producer, and oil interests wield disproportionate influence upon U.

The PakTribune notes a number of biological attacks against Afghanistan, dating back to and the CIA’s covert war against the Soviet Union. Britain and the U.S. have been accused of a biological attack on Afghanistan’s poppy fields in an attempt to defeat the Afghani resistance, destroy wheat and fruit trees and blight the opium crop.

In late a high official of the Papal Secretariat offered the Americans information on strategic bombing targets in Japan. His contacts in Italy, including those with the Vatican, made him an ideal choice for the Italian assignment after the war. Brennan balanced his staff with agents from the left and the right. Wolff and Fajanis were accused later by a Senate investigating committee of having been Soviet agents while working in Italy.

Authors Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair take it a bit further and identify the mafia liaison as none other than Monsignor Giovanni Battista Montini. A series of Mafia purges in Italy — exile, torture and murder at the hands of Cesare Mori — had nearly wiped them out. Sicily and the Return of the Mafia professor Ezio Costanzo wrote: A former Treasury Department officer known as Mr. White was in the process of arranging the meeting but it is almost certain that it never took place even though the Herlands inquiry in the services of Luciano to the U.

The CIA is telling us how the agency uses Americans’ data

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Posting rules. Submissions must be verifiable. North Carolina as “a warning” because she was dating a white man.” At their next rally, a group of armed Lumbee encircled the klansmen and opened fire. Also I don’t think the CIA is portrayed as evil in this film but just as a necessary evil to counter the cartel power I think the Kate.

Please forgive us, this will not be your full guide to all things military craft, we just want to give you a taste of the machines our governments are flying over our heads. The first versions of this craft weighed in at just under 1 lb, one version for land, the other for water. The upgraded unit weighs a little over 2 lbs, but can land on water or ground. This folding drone packs camera sensors under a inch wingspan. Soldiers can pack this machine into a backpack, then get 45 minutes of flight at up to 40 mph for basic reconnaissance and surveillance needs.

They were showing off their collaboration with Fire What? Their high flying ScanEagle is small enough to soar high out of the way of firefighting efforts. ScanEagle is a 40 lb drone able to fly up to 92 mph. The neat thing about the ScanEagle is that you do not need an airstrip. The craft does not have landing gear.

CIA Records Search Tool (CREST)

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From mid , when he became DCI, to late , when he left Iran, Helms dealt directly with numerous events whose impact remains evident today and which are covered in the release. The declassified material will provide researchers on aviation and intelligence with significant additional detail about the design and development of the A — still the fastest and highest flying piloted operational jet aircraft ever built — and its use as an intelligence collection platform in East Asia.

The collection has personal accounts by the rescued pilots and thank you letters as well as commendations from various officials. It includes, for the first time, direct information about Lima Site 85 in Laos and a possible hijacking attempt in the crash of Flight An Underwater Ice Station Zebra:

Valerie Elise Plame Wilson (née Plame, August 13, ), known as Valerie Plame, Valerie E. Wilson, and Valerie Plame Wilson, is a writer, spy novelist, and former operations officer who worked at the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

For those who believe in the existence of the deep state, there are a number of institutional as well as extralegal relationships that might suggest its presence. There is a certain logic to that assumption, as a deep state has to be organized around a center of official and publicly accepted power, which means it normally includes senior officials of the police and intelligence services as well as the military. For the police and intelligence agencies, the propensity to operate in secret is a sine qua non for the deep state, as it provides cover for the maintenance of relationships that under other circumstances would be considered suspect or even illegal.

There have, in fact, been four military coups in Turkey. But deep state goes far beyond those overt interventions. A number of senior Turkish politicians have spoken openly of the existence of the deep state. Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit tried to learn more about the organization and, for his pains, endured an assassination attempt in There have been several significant exposures of Turkish deep state activities, most notably an automobile accident in in Susurluk that killed the Deputy Chief of the Istanbul Police and the leader of the Grey Wolves extreme right wing nationalist group.

A member of parliament was also in the car and a fake passport was discovered, tying together a criminal group that had operated death squads with a senior security official and an elected member of the legislature. A subsequent investigation determined that the police had been using the criminals to support their operations against leftist groups and other dissidents.

Deep state operatives have also been linked to assassinations of a judge, Kurds, leftists, potential state witnesses, and an Armenian journalist. They have also bombed a Kurdish bookstore and the offices of a leading newspaper. While an elected government might sometimes engage in activity that is legally questionable, there is normally some plausible pretext employed to cover up or explain the act.

Valerie Plame

Reuters When it comes to relationships, Pyongyang tries to instil “love for revolutionary comrades” over romance, but people reject it. North Korea was going through a lot of dramatic changes during my 20s. Due to economic difficulties following the famine, the national borders had started to become more porous and western culture was starting to make its way in. We pretended to have that quality only because we were forced to.

You did an excellent job wuth the characters, and although you appear to have abandoned this story, I exhort you to continue, I absolutely LOVE the concept, as do at least 20 other people.

What is the history of Peru? Not too much is known about the ancient civilisations of Peru and new research, especially in archaeology, is shedding new light on the cultures there increasingly. For example a recent find of a king known as ‘the Lord of Ucupe’, has led archaeologists to believe there was a far more complex polit…ical and religious system in play in the smaller regions than was previously believed. Peru is classified as a ‘developing country’. The official and most spoken language in Peru is Spanish.

Many Peruvians speak native languages. Voting in elections is compulsor…y for all citizens aged 18 to Peru is divided into 25 different ‘regions’ and one province the province of Lima. Peru borders five countries- Ecuador to the north , Columbia to the north , Brazil to the east , Bolivia to the southeast and Chile to the South. It also borders the Pacific Ocean.

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