LAPD looking into death threats against BTS

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BTS’ V and Red Velvet’s Joy have now found themselves to be the subject of dating rumors after they were caught looking at each other intensely at a recent event. The photos in question, which were taken at a recent end-of-the-year event, showed the rumored couple gazing at each other, further fueling reports that the couple is dating. Advertisement Like Us on Facebook After a while, Joy breaks off the stare and looks down in front of her but V, unable to take his eyes of his new “girlfriend,” continues to look in her direction.

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Originally posted by btsleepy Namjoon: Namjoon and your band would be sharing one of those rooms where the members get their makeup and hair done before a show, and he of course would be pretending not to know you too well due to the fact that your dating had to be secret. He would immediately look up though, when another male idol entered the room and went straight to you and began to chat with you.

He would slowly be tuning into your conversation from where he was, and the second he realized where it was going, he would hop right out of his seat and wander over, immediately changing the topic and giving you a chance to go and practice. Originally posted by bangtannoonas Suga: Suga would be at a far away distance when this situation was unfolding, and he would be unable to step in and divert the conversation topic which would frustrate him.

He would simply sulk and watch as you dealt with the situation, and he would definitely want to talk to you afterwards about what the male idol asked you about despite he already figured it out.

LAPD looking into death threats against BTS

Their dating rumors first erupted last month when netizens caught them waving to each other at a year-end awards ceremony. Now netizens have found even more clues to further back up their suspicion. According to allkpop , netizens noticed that BTS’ Jimin and Red Velvet’s Seulgi share strikingly similar or matching social media posts.

BTS and Suran reps deny dating rumors with Suga Tuesday, March 27, bts, suga, suran No comments Article: [Official] BTS Suga and Suran reps, “The dating rumors are unfounded” The members of BTS — Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, Jungkook and Jin — have a range of complementary skills.

Originally posted by gotjimin Laying on the couch, you checked the time to see that is was 1: Sighing, you shook your head at the thought of what Jimin was probably doing right now. This is the third time that he has come on late, and every time you would ask him why he was, he would give the same excuse. Looking at the door, you watched as he walked into the house. Chuckling to yourself you shook your head and got up going to the room. Thoughts ran through your head at the thought that he could possibly be cheating on you.

He works at a dance studio, and pretty, fit girl come there all the time. Laying down on the bed, you tried to get rid of the bad thoughts. Leaving the apartment, you got into your car and made your way to his job. Getting there, you walked into the building and looked for his room.

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By Lee September 22, For some ARMY fans, the news might have come as a surprise, but don’t let the headlines fool you! The recent drama about the boys of BTS dating started after a rumor started circulating of either member V or Jimin sharing their manager’s phone number after a Hollywood actress was spotted asking for it. Allegedly, BTS’ Manager answered the phone instead of the idol expected to be on the other line.

3 days ago · Jimin dating rumors again, bts’ jimin and red velvet’s seulgi jimin dispatch jimin and seulgi seulgi are jimin dating rumors involved in dating rumors with more evidence dug dating rumors have once again surfaced; this time.

There is an unsettling silence swirling through the air the very second Jungkook steps foot in his apartment. It is a silence induced by both heartache and hostility, and while the heartache is mutual, the hostility ignites from one end, flickering burns on not one but both tongues. He pushes the door and steps in, containing his sigh of exhaustion as you trudge in soon after him.

Jungkook throws his keys aside and drops your mini suitcase to one corner of the entrance. You watch him stride ahead of you, heading for the kitchen. He turns back not even once to glance at you let alone check if you are okay. You stand stiffly at the door, sniffing the air briefly with a sullen expression. You almost whimper, lifting your hand to wipe your nose against the material of your silk white shirt.

Stroking the tip of your nose delicately, you force a feeling of comfort around yourself. With your sharp nails grazing your neck, long, lean fingers hooking themselves to the edge of your dull pink collar, your youthful eyes spot your numerous toys scattered across the living room.

LAPD looking into death threats against BTS

But, I had been searching that the rumor began to come up at about October 29th. I know this rumor from twitter and I have feeling that the rumor came up from twitter. As you see, the rumor slowly began to come up after the bottom of the tweets. And the rumor has become increasingly widespread in every tweets even in real life. And also the answerer gives the link of her facebook.

So, the people have the thought that she’s Jungkook’s cousin because they have the same surname

The Los Angeles Police Department is getting involved in death threats against BTS. Jimin, in particular, has been getting gun threats as the boys prepare to tour around USA. On the 14th, LAPD.

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Not much information is available about his brother or parents. Jin was a student at Konkuk University prior to his being street-cast for auditions. He majored in acting at the university. As a kid, Jin had often dreamt of becoming a detective. Growing up however, he found the entertainment scene more exciting and decided to pursue a career in it.

Oct 30,  · Article: BTS Jimin, “I ate one meal in 10 days as an extreme diet” Source: Sports Chosun via Nate “While looking at the mirror during rehearsals for ‘Blood Sweat Tears’, I realized that I wanted to become more handsome so I started a diet where I only ate one meal for 10 : Netizen Buzz.

Ada seorang reporter yang menyebarkan rumor kalau satu dari member BTS ada yang dating. Reporter ini juga bilang kalau dua member Mamamoo juga ada yang dating. Bapaknya Jungkook masih muda ya wkwkw Namjoon ikut-ikutan Seokjin pamerin gambar di hapenya. Suga pernah bilang begini waktu interview majalah Bedanya studio Rap Monster dan kamar seorang Kim Namjoon Busan Boys aka The Kings of Thighs J-Hope tampil sebagai intro dengan Boy Meets Evil.

Dia cuma pake kemeja putih, dasi item sama celana kain item BTS tampil memakai jas lengkap Rapmonster ikut menyanyikan lagu Boombayah Black Pink Suga update twitter dengan Snow App.

BTS Jimin shares the extremes of male idol dieting ~ Netizen Buzz

You and your boyfriend, Taehyung, are playing a game of truth or dare when a very distinctive kink emerges from the fray. What happens after that might be fate. One of my favorite things about theatre, is that for an hour, maybe two — you can escape. Better yet, you can find yourself in someone else. It was an accident, for you to meet him at all.

BTS’ Jimin and Red Velvet’s Seulgi stir up a social media frenzy as netizens find more proof that the two idols are secretly dating. Their dating rumors first erupted last month when netizens caught them waving to each other at a year-end awards ceremony.

Several photos exposed Jimin and Seulgi having an interaction in the award ceremony. AllKpop reported that it was Seulgi who first invited Jimin by waving her hands at him. This lets netizens stir up rumors about the two showing signs of dating. However, Seulgi failed to see Jimin wave back at her so he whispered to his friend Jin. Netizens speculated that Jimin has told something about his girlfriend as Jin looked into Seulgi’s direction.

After which, he has given his friend a pat as he expressed worriedness on his rumored girlfriend. This scene is not the first time that stirred updating scandals between Jimin and Seulgi after the two were spotted communicating on stage. Advertisement AsiaStars also reported that aside from the photos, there was also another basis that may have fueled the speculations.

Jimin and Seulgi were seen wearing matching accessories such as rings, hats, necklaces, and bracelets on several occasions. No names were mentioned however, this has had fans speculating that the report is referring to Jimin and Seulgi’s real dating status. However, despite all the news and speculations, some fans do not simply believe, telling that such evidence is ridiculous as it all could just be simply coincidences. Few weeks after, JYP Entertainment has spoken up about the girl group’s disbandment and that Wonder Girls did not resign from the agency.

What Wrong BTS Jimin and Red Velvet Seulgi !??

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