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During the Greek period through the Middle Ages, they were made from molds as well as by hand. The first metal lamps appeared around the first century AD. The very earliest examples are generally plain, but later pieces became much more elaborate. The bodies were often shaped like human or other figures and the decoration became much more ornate. Middle Ages through 18th Century Over the years, lamp designs became more refined and as the craft of glass-blowing spread, the flames were shielded from drafts and the risk of fire was reduced by adding glass shields. Metal had replaced pottery or ceramic bodies. However, lamps were still more common in areas where oil was plentiful. Crusie Lamp The crusie lamp was probably invented during the s.

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They make lamps for Disney, Gordon Ramsey, Dierks Bentley and others. In tonight’s Finding Minnesota (after the Vikings beat the Bears), how Machine Age Lamps Account Status: Verified.

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I’ve got all sorts of brands and such of oil lamps and I’ve used all kinds of different oils for my lamps too. As such I believe that these little tips will be helpful across the board for all of our oil lamp users. They put out much more light than a mere candle and they tend to be more stable and safe.

Are you wondering how to put batteries on a Coleman camping light? Coleman makes high quality camping lights with powerful LED lenses and sleek designs perfect for camping or when the power is down. Coleman camping lights, however, are difficult to open and replace he batteries unless you have the necessary tools.

Thank you very much!! Please see next entry. Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland c. Mosser Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio to date. Thanks to Ken Previtali for the information on the ginger ale bottle! M inside a diamond, seen on druggist bottles and glass eye wash cups……………. Still in business with offices currently based in Rockaway, New Jersey. Also, confirmed as marked on the bottom of a milkglass cold cream jar, circa s s but this item may or many not have any connection with Maris?

Also, please see next entry. Later known as MetroPak Containers. MetroPak was bought by Ball Corporation in The Jersey City plant was closed on Nov. If you know, email me!

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The phenomenon of luminescence is related to the interaction of natural radiation with mineral grains, by the activation of and subsequent trapping of electrons at defects within the quartz lattice. The latent luminescence signal i. Despite the fact that quartz is most nominally pure SiO2, the mineral forms in several different geological settings, i. The luminescence emitted from quartz is complex and shows a variety of different components with diverse physical properties.

This complexity is explained by the variety of defects in quartz that are either intrinsic e.

Greetings & Hello: I’m rather new to the Coleman restoration game my first attempt was bringing an old model back to life. I recently discovered a nice looking Coleman table lamp at an antiques market hanging next to an Aladdin.

You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. Ironing clothes was hot, hard work. Today, with our synthetic, never-needs-ironing clothing we can look back on the scene of grandmother ironing with a sense of nostalgia. The first irons other than heated rocks were developed by the Chinese in the first century B. They consisted of long-handled pans which contained smoldering charcoal. These first irons must have been thoroughly unpleasant to use.

Many variations and improvements have been introduced over the centuries. In the first chrome-plated iron was produced by the Russell Electric Company and in the first adjustable-temperature iron was produced by the Liberty Gauge and Instrument Company. The year witnessed the introduction of the first steam iron in the U. The first steam travel iron was introduced by General Electric in When most collectors think of antique irons the classic sadiron comes to mind. There are sadirons with detachable handles, charcoal irons, sleeve irons, alcohol irons, fluting irons used to crimp cuffs, collars, and even petticoats , gasoline irons, electric irons, steam irons, and travel irons.

Within each of these types are dozens, often hundreds, of varieties.

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Surviving the disaster of the Halifax Explosion , 6: The initial informal response was soon joined by surviving policemen, firefighters and military personnel who began to arrive, as did anyone with a working vehicle; cars, trucks and delivery wagons of all kinds were enlisted to collect the wounded. In the final moments before the explosion, hoses were being unrolled as the fire spread to the docks.

Nine members of the Halifax Fire Department lost their lives performing their duty that day. Tacoma was rocked so severely by the blast wave that her crew went to general quarters.

Tips and Tricks for Using Oil Lamps. The mantle is bigger than the Coleman. and is fragile, but worth the extra cost! reply; Submitted by Linda Moudry on 13 June – pm. I ended up on your site because I collected 40 oil burning lamps over the years dating back to the 17 hundreds. I love the mason jar thing and plan to try and.

Information about our Antique lanterns is provided as a service to you. We research leading books and use our expertise to ensure the information is accurate and correct. Please note that this information has not been validated by an external expert and therefore should not be considered a guarantee. Additional pictures will gladly be e-mailed to you upon request should you have an interest in one of our lanterns.

We are open to negotiating pricing. If a new price is agreed, we will adjust the pricing on our site prior to your purchase.

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Most made after the mid s have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or the bottom edge of the fount tank. To date your lantern, first make sure the fuel cap is down tight and then turn the lantern upside-down and look at the bottom of the fount. Figure 1 Bottom of Model A lantern, October The most common location and method of date stamping, used since the late s, is just off-center on the very bottom of the fount.

You will see two sets of numbers, one set left and one set right of center. The number, or numbers, on the left indicate the month while the numbers on the right are the last two digits of the year. The Model A lantern in Figure 1 was made in October 10th month of

“Guide to Vintage Coleman Products – ” This is the definitive Coleman collectors book produced by the ICCC and is full of extremely detailed information. The book is a “must” for all Coleman collectors and enthusiasts. The information in the book was garnered from the members of the International Coleman Collectors Club.

Gas Lantern Background A gas lantern is a lightweight, portable device that supplies bright, efficient light while protecting its contents from wind and rain. Rural dwellers and outdoorsmen alike have relied on variations of the modern gas lantern for roughly years, allowing access to barns, cabins, campgrounds, and wooded paths beyond the daylight hours.

This style of lantern is more practical than its ancestors because it operates on the principle of incandescence—rather, it relies on light produced by heat. The heated mantles in a gas lantern emit far more light than the flame of an oil lamp, therefore providing better visibility in a larger area. Mantles are chemically saturated fabric shells that, when heated by the lantern’s flame, become a powerful source of white light—up to candlepower, or the rough equivalent of a watt bulb.

History For an untold number of years, the open flame was humankind’s only source of controlled light. Early ceramic lamps dating back to the Roman era were little more than earthenware pots with tubes to supply vegetable oil to a wick and spout. Centuries of development attempted to master the potential of lamplight, employing variations of fuel and wick materials to boost efficiency, but it was not until the nineteenth century that scientists and inventors began to make vast improvements in light quality.

By the s, a portable lamp had been developed using a pressure mechanism to force fuel oil to the burner.

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Oil Lamp Collars Lamp collars are fastened onto the top of the oil fount. They are threaded and allow a burner to be attached to the lamp. They are generally made of brass, with the exception of some very early examples which were made of pewter. Collars can be plain, or decoratively embossed. Collars are generally “cemented” onto a flanged lip molded onto the fount. Some variations are pressed together or crimped onto the fount.

New Toy: 40 Year-Old Coleman Stove. T his is what camping geeks look for on the Internet: vintage stoves! Call it a sickness, call it a midlife crisis, but when I saw this early 60’s Coleman® C for sale I just couldn’t pass it up. The “C” model of the series was made in , and Also 10 oil lamps & gallons of oil.

Many link the name Boon Island to the wrecks of the trading vessel Increase in or the Nottingham Gallery in Early view of lighthouse and stone dwelling Photograph courtesy National Archives In , the Boston Marine Society requested a day beacon be built on the island. The resultant octagonal wooden tower, built in , was destroyed in a storm five years after construction and was replaced in by a more substantial stone day beacon.

While the island itself is barren, it has a lush history best told in the words and deeds of its keepers and their families. At first, Boon Island was barely able to attract and retain a keeper. The first man offered the position refused. The second, David Oliver, accepted, but left without notice to work aboard a ship after the government refused his salary request. Therefore on these considerations I feel myself inadequate to the task, unless government will supply me with some of the above stated articles.

After a year on the island, Keeper Hanna wrote the following threat: All the fresh water, wood and necessaries for a family must be carried on to the Island. Three years later, Hanna left and was replaced by Eliphalet Grover.

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Figuring out which lantern you have is often no more difficult than reading the frame rest. The frame rest is that band right above the lantern’s fount and most lanterns since the s have their model designation stamped there. Dating your lantern can be a little harder. But first let’s cover the different models.

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Fake and Reproduction Lantern Globes Also see New Repro Globes Railroad lantern globes have been subject to counterfeiting, and as globe prices continue to escalate, new reports continue to surface. The following information on known or suspected fakes and reproductions has been obtained from various sources judged to be knowledgeable and accurate. The information is presented with “honest intentions”; however we cannot guarantee complete accuracy, so please use this information as advisory only — see Disclaimer.

Categories include fake globes marked with decals , fake cast globes , fake etched globes and unmarked globes. A separate page deals with a controversial two-color globe , which may or may not be fake. Fake Globes Marked with Decals Barn lanterns see page on this style have shown up in internet auctions with globes marked with railroad logo decals.

In pictures, the markings look like they are etched markings, but sources indicate that they are in fact decals. Such decals would be fairly easy to spot in person but more difficult in a computer image. The markings that have been reported are a Northern Pacific logo one version has the famous Northern Pacific “monad” logo misaligned on its side!

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Flame spreaders Covers mantle lamps sold in the US including Aladdin Aladdin catalogue for model 11 lamps. Click on image to download pdf version Look for advertising brochures, manuals and price lists on page for each lamp model Model 3 chandelier No. Kerosene mantle lamps represent the peak of kerosene lighting technology.

Dates are usually catalog/model year dates, stamped dates may be noted up to months earlier. Notes; All are Liquid Fueled (CF/gasoline) unless indicated otherwise.

By this time, remaining gas lamps were rare curiosities. Among the economic impacts of gas lighting was much longer work hours in factories. This was particularly important in Great Britain during the winter months when nights are significantly longer. Factories could even work continuously over 24 hours, resulting in increased production. Following successful commercialization, gas lighting spread to other countries.

In England, the first place outside London to have gas lighting was Preston, Lancashire , in ; this was due to the Preston Gaslight Company run by revolutionary Joseph Dunn , who found the most improved way of brighter gas lighting. The parish church there was the first religious building to be lit by gas lighting. The use of gas lights in Rembrandt Peale ‘s Museum in Baltimore in was a great success. The first private residence in the US illuminated by gas has been variously identified as that of David Melville c.

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